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Why does a new operator not appear in the invitation?

If you have created a new operator and want them to appear in a contact invitation, remember to check the following points:
  • Link the operator to the invitation: Go to your list of invitations, open the one where you want the operator to appear (by clicking on the pencil on the right), and on the Operators tab select the new operator. Do not forget to save the changes.
  • Confirm that the operator has the necessary e-mail accounts: Go to your list of operators, open the operator’s profile (by clicking on the pencil on the right), and on the E-mail accounts tab confirm that you have an account for each of the domains where the invitation will be shown. If any account is missing, click on Add account, select the domain and in the account type select Livebeep.
  • Confirm that the operator has the right languages ​​marked: In the same operator’s profile, in the Languages of assistance ​​tab, confirm that the operator has marked the language in which you are performing the test.
If there is more than one operator in the contact invitation and you see another one always on your website, check the Operator Priority in the Settings tab of each profile. Under the same conditions, the system will select the operator with the highest priority.

Also remember that the system will prioritize the operator in Available mode (chat) over the one who is Not available (e-mail).

To test the correct functioning of the system, we recommend opening an incognito or private window in your browser. Before opening the incognito window, remember to close all the browser tabs where you have your website open.

For these tests, we suggest the following browsers:
  • Chrome (with Shift + Ctrl + N you can open an incognito window)
  • Firefox (with Shift + Ctrl + P you can open a private window)