General settings > Operators

How to create a new operator

Access the control panel of your operators. To do this go to Account > Operators or click on operators. To edit the data of an existing operator, you must click on the pencil at the end of the row for each of them. To create a new one, click on the + Add button (upper right).


Complete the basic information of the profile of the new operator: name, passwords, personal e-mail, job position, contact telephone, etc. and select a profile image. You can select one of our preloaded images, but we recommend using real photos of your operators to establish a more honest and close relationship with your visitors.

Warning: Remember to translate the job position to all languages ​​in which the operator will offer assistance. To load the translations, click on the T (translate) in the Job position field.

Languages of assistance

Select the assistance languages ​​of the new operator. If you select Spanish and English, the contact invitation to which this operator is linked may be in Spanish or English, depending on the visitor's language, but not in other languages.

Warning: The language of a visitor may depend on the language of their browser, the country where they are or the URL they are visiting (this can be configured for each of your domains).

Office hours

Complete the information about the operator's work schedule. If you enable the Call Me option in the contact invitations, this will be the assistance hours shown to your visitors.

Period of absence

Activate this option only during holiday periods or leave of an operator. During this period, an automatic reply will be sent each time someone sends them a query. You can also transfer the queries from one operator to another automatically.


In this tab you can set some advanced options: set the time for automatic status change (Available / Not available), prioritize one operator over another, activate notifications to your personal e-mail each time you receive a query, synchronize Google Calendar with the operator's calendar, request the operator to classify the contacts after each conversation, etc.