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How can I change the operators’ automatic signature on their e-mails?

Livebeep includes an automatic signature on all e-mails sent from the system. Data in this signature (position, address, telephone, etc.) is taken from each operator’s profile or from the domain the query comes from.

You can edit the automatic signature and insert a customised one in each operator’s profile. In order to do this, access the  list of operators and open the operator’s profile you would like to edit (clicking on the pencil on the right). In the Corporate information  tab click on Custom signature and write the message you want for the operator’s signature.

Warning: If the operator provides assistance in more than one domain, all their e-mails will show the same custom signature, no matter the domain the query was sent to.

If you want to add information or a legal text below at the end of all e-mails sent from Livebeep, you can do so in each domain options. Access the list of domains list and click on the one you would like to edit (clicking on the pencil on the right). In the Signature tab you can add a text. You can also add the links to social media like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.