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What is the Visitors Panel and what is it for?

The Visitors Panel offers an overview of your site's activity in real time. It allows you to track detailed movements for the last 10 days: the number of visitors connected at that time, the sites they come from, the time they stay on your site, the number of pages they have visited, if they come from a marketing campaign, if they have left a request, the browser they use, etc. 

This panel offers very important information about your visitors, helping you identify the most promising profiles and the browsing habits of your web site's users. This information is summarised and presented on the Statistics panel, where you can find a history of the activity on your site from the activation of Livebeep, not just for the last 10 days.

With the filter on the Visitors Panel you can see part of the activity on your site according to different variables: domain, date, campaign, visitor's profile, country of origin. To use the filter, you have to click on the Search button in the upper right.

Warning: Not all servers and browsers offer the same amount of information. This information is frequently not supplied, either because the visitor browses in private mode or as a result of the privacy policies of the browsers. The Visitors Panel offers as much information as possible about the visitors.