Analytics > Campaign follow-up

How is a campaign created?

To access the campaign tracking control panel you must have an Administrator profile.

Access your Campaigns (Onsite Marketing > Campaigns) and click on Add.

In the configuration menu you will find the following sections:


Section for internal use where you can set a name, a description, determine if you want the campaign to be active and which operator you want it to be linked to.


In this section you can indicate the visitor profile you want to follow and measure. There are 2 options for this identification:
  • Activate campaign by external code: you can keep track of any Google Ads, Facebook Ads code, etc. You can also create a custom code and add it to any URL, after the question mark "?" . This URL can be provided in a mailing, in a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook publication, it can be put in a banner, etc.
  • Activate campaign according to the profile of your visitors: this is the appropriate option if you do not want to measure an external campaign but a type of visitor based on their characteristics or behaviour.


In the database you can automatically assign a label to all those visitors that contact through Livebeep and fit with this campaign, to have them grouped and to be able to locate them easily when you need to.

Livebeep events

You can assign events to a specific campaign (an invitation, an announcement, a coupon, etc.) so that it is only shown to visitors who fit into this campaign and it causes a reaction.

Conversion triggers

With this additional tool you can measure the conversion of specific actions that these visitors perform within your website (purchase / booking / subscription / registration, etc.) To create a trigger, click on Add triggers. In the Activation section you can indicate that the conversion can be registered in two ways:
  • According to visitor navigation. You can set the conversion to be recorded by current page, reference page or landing page. For example, if we want to measure how many visitors with a certain profile have purchased an item / service, the URL to which visitors have clicked on "buy" should be added in the "Current page" rule.
  • According to javascript code: in case there is not a specific URL that visitors visitors visit when making a purchase (or reservation, registration, etc.) you can install a javascript code on the purchase button to measure this conversion.
When it has been created and measured, a new "SUMMARY" tab is generated and displayed on the statistics pannel, with information like, for example: visitors that fit into the campaign, any interaction with the events that have been created for these visitors, actions that we want to measure (reservations, shopping, etc.)

Campaigns are also a good tool to do continuous A / B tests of different Google Ads, different Livebeep events (announcements, coupons, etc.)