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How to label leads

It is highly recommended to have your leads labeled. It is very useful, for example, when carrying out certain marketing actions or creating a mailing.

You can create labels from Prospects > Labels or at any time when the system gives you the option to apply a label.

There are three ways to apply labels:

1. From a chat conversation or email

In a chat or email, click Actions > Classify > Add label

2. From the Segmentation section of each event or invitation

In the configuration menu of each event go to Segmentation > Activate this event according to the profile of your visitors > Add profile > Labels > Add label

In this case, the label will be applied automatically to those visitors who comply with the rules established in the profile.

3. From the Prospects panel

Access your leads database (Prospects > Prospects) and select the leads you want to label. In the lower part of the screen, unfold the drop-down menu containing the actions to be carried out with the marked leads and select Label. Next, create a new label (with the button ) or use one that you have already created in another moment.

Remember that you can also upload an external leads database.