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How is a coupon created?

To create or edit a coupon you must have an Administrator profile.

Access your Coupons (Onsite Marketing > Coupons) and click on Add.

In the settings menu you will find the following sections:


Add a title (internal use). Here you can select if it is Active or Inactive and its priority.


Web you want the coupon to be displayed in.


Rules for the coupon to appear to those visitors that comply with a certain profile (if you consider it necessary).


You can add a title, a description, a URL, terms and conditions, one or more files, range of dates, rates with different options (promotion, discount, 2x1, comparison with real rate, etc.)

 To upload a file (image, video, map, etc.) you must first upload it to the remote gallery. You can do it from the settings menu of the coupon or before that from the files module: Library > Files


Texts for each of the sections of the coupon.


Personal data that your visitors must fill in when requesting this coupon.

Acknowledgment of receipt

Send an automatic reply when someone requests a coupon. Remember that in this message you can attach images or any other multimedia file.


Specify the time it will take for the coupon to unfold and how often it will be displayed to the same visitor. We recommend increasing the time a couple of seconds so that there is time for the contact invitation or the form to be displayed, since we look for contact by impulse.


Settings of the coupon for its viewing from mobile devices