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How to receive your Messenger and Instagram DM messages on Livebeep?

Integrating the instant messaging channels of Instagram Dm and Messenger in Livebeep is a very simple process. You just have to keep in mind that for the integration of Instagram DM you must previously verify a series of settings in your Facebook and Instagram accounts.    

If you only want to receive Messenger messages from a Facebook Page, make sure that the Facebook user who logs into Livebeep is an administrator of the page and that's it. Important: You cannot receive Messenger messages from a personal Facebook account. Click here to see the steps to connect Messenger

What should you check to integrate Instagram DM?

  1. The Instagram account must be a professional account.

    Not a professional account? Click here and follow these steps to update your account.
  2. Link your professional Instagram account to a Facebook Page.

    In Livebeep you can receive only Instagram DM messages, but this step is still required for the API to work properly.

    Not sure how to link a Facebook Page to Instagram?  Click here to see the instructions.
  3. The messaging permission must be enabled on your Instagram account.

    Make sure you have "Allow access to messages" turned on in your Instagram settings. It can only be done from the Instagram mobile app.
    To review it, open the Instagram mobile app > go to Settings > Privacy > Messages > Activate "Allow access to messages".

Now you are ready to receive Instagram and/or Messenger messages on Livebeep

Go to the menu on the left Communications > Social networks > Instagram and Messenger. Click on +Add (top right of panel).

  1. Properties tab

    * If you manage several Facebook pages you must integrate them separately.

    Click the button Login with Facebook, and follow the next steps:

    a. Sign in with a Facebook user who has admin access to the Facebook Page.

    b. Click continue as [username].

    c. Select which Instagram business accounts you want to use with Livebeep.

    d. Select which Facebook pages you want to use with Livebeep.
    e. Grant access permission to Livebeep (if you disable any, the integration may not work correctly).

    f. Click accept and continue with the next steps.

    Important: If you have already created an integration in Livebeep, it is possible that instead of the Facebook "Log in" button you will see a "Log out" button. In that case, you will need to log out of Facebook in the browser and try again from the beginning.

    1.2. On "Page" option, select the page from which you want to receive messages on Livebeep.

    1.3. If you do not want to receive messages from Messenger or Instagram, in the "receive messages from" option, uncheck the network you do NOT want. This option will only be seen if the Facebook Page is linked to an Instagram account.

  2. Operators tab

    Select which operators will be in charge of answering the queries that enter your chat panel.

  3. Chatbot tab

    If you have a personalized chatbot, you must assign it here.

    Remember that the operator you have assigned must be in "busy mode" in their profile for the bot to activate.

    If you want a personalized chatbot, contact your Livebeep advisor for more information.
  4. Click Save Changes and you're done.

Instagram DM integration still not working? Check advanced messaging settings

If Instagram DM messages are not reaching Livebeep you may need to check your advanced messaging settings on your Facebook account.
  1. To access this setting, you must first log in with your Facebook account and select the Facebook page linked to your Instagram account (in the drop-down menu at the top right).
  2. Once you have selected your page profile, you must choose from the left side menu Settings > New page experiences > Advanced messaging. If you cannot find this section you can go directly to the following page:

    You should see a menu like the following:
  3. In the Messenger and Instagram receivers, you must click on Configure and select Livebeep Messages Suite (see image above).