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When is a chat invitation or an e-mail invitation shown?

When in the Contact channels of an invitation, the options Contact by Chat and Contact by E-mail are selected, the type of invitation shown will depend on the current state of the operator. The status of the operator can be changed by clicking on the profile tab with your name and picture.

If the operator is in available mode (green), a chat invitation will be displayed.

Chat mode implies a real-time communication, so the visitor expects an immediate answer. By default, if an operator takes more than 1 minute to answer a chat query, Livebeep sends a first automatic waiting message. If after 3 minutes it has not been possible to respond to the query, a second automatic message will be sent informing the visitor that another customer is being assisted and that they can leave their query or their data to be answered as soon as possible. 

These messages and the times for them to be automatically sent can be modified within the configuration menu of each invitation in Contact channels > Contact by chat.

If the operator is in not available (yellow) mode or logged out, an e-mail invitation will be displayed. An e-mail invitation can also be displayed if, operators reach the maximum number of chats established for them, even if they are available.

E-mail invitations work 24 hours a day, which allows you to continue receiving queries even when there are no operators available.

In cases where there is more than one operator, all conditions being equal, the system will prioritize the operator that is in available mode. You can configure the maximum number of chats an operator can maintain in Profile > Edit my profile> Configuration > Maximum of simultaneous chats