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How to create a continuous mailing campaign

The Email Marketing tool allows you to create continuous mailing campaign, that is, mails with no expiration date that are automatically sent each time a lead meets certain requirements.

To create a continuous mailing campaign go to Email Marketing > Email marketing and click + Add.

Complete all sections as you would with any other mailing campaign (you can see How to create a mailing campaign for more information). In the section Delivery, select Continuous delivery and choose the frequency and the time you want this mailing to be sent at.

If you have created custom fields for your leads, you can use one of these fields to parameterize the delivery (Example 2).

Here you can see two examples:

EXAMPLE 1: Delivery 7 days after the date of entry

In this example, the leads receive an email 7 days after having left their data. In this case, an academy sends a reminder to take a look at the courses on its website.

EXAMPLE 2: Birthday greeting

In this example we use the custom field "Date of birth" that had previously been created in Prospects > Custom fields. A birthday greeting with a discount code is sent each year to those leads that have provided their date of birth.