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How to create a mailing

Before creating a mailing, remember that if you want to send it to leads with specific characteristics or coming from an external database, they should be labeled. If you still do not know how to do it, you can see How to label leads.

If you are going to make a generic mailing and you do not need to label the leads or if you already have your leads grouped under a label (or several ones), access your mailings (Email Marketing) and click on .

 In the configuration menu you will find the following sections:


1. Give it a title for internal use, determine if you want it to be active and set the default language.


2. Leave the domain blank. This way, those leads imported from an external database will also appear. Mark a specific domain only if you have multiple domains and you want to use the leads generated by one of them.

3. Leave the operator blank if you want to send to the leads serviced by any of your operators. Select an operator only if you want to send the mailing to those leads assisted by that specific operator.

4. In consent for promotional mail, select:
- Yes, to select only those leads that have given their consent to receive promotional mail.
- No, to select only those leads that have not given their consent to receive promotional mail.
- Ignore, to select both.

5. Indicate the range of dates the leads have been generated within. If you have uploaded an external database, mark as deadline the date on which the database was uploaded.

Tip: Select by default as "Access to" the date you have set the mailing to be sent.

6. Indicate the country you want the leads to come from. If you want to send a message to leads from any country, leave this section blank.

7. If you want to exclude from the mailing those leads you have already sent one to, you can use the drop-down options to exclude the ones you want. If you do not want to exclude any leads, leave this option blank.

8. Select the label/s that group the leads you want to send the mailing to. If you do not do this, it will be sent to all those leads in your database that comply with the parameters you have set.


9. Set the date and time for it to be sent and the expiration time.


10. Select the template you want to use for the message in your mailing or choose a blank one to create it from scratch. If you have a design already created, you can insert the HTML code to apply it.

11. Modify the message, the images, colors and links as you wish. The buttons to modify the different fields of the template will appear when you place the cursor over them.

Note: The Automatic option in the From field automatically assigns to each prospect the corresponding operator.