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How to pause a chat

Operators have a maximum number of chats that can be managed simultaneously when they are in available mode (you can set this in each operator’s profile > Configuration). Once an operator reaches this number of chats, he / she will not appear as available for those visitors who enter from that moment on.

Operators can pause a chat if they notice that it is taking a while for a visitor to answer because he / she is browsing the web or looking for some information. This way, operators can receive new chats and whenever the visitor in the paused chat wants to resume the conversation, the query won’t be transferred to a different operator. Exceptionally, the limit of chats for that operator will be exceeded.

Warning: It is important that in these cases operators select "Pause" and not "Finish". By selecting "Finish" operators can lose that chat and it can be transferred to another available operator if they have reached their maximum.