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Create a form step by step

To create or edit a form, you must have an Administrator profile.

Access your Forms (Onsite Marketing > Forms) and click Add.

 In the settings menu you will find the following sections:


Give a title for internal use, choose if you want the form to be active and how you want the operator to be contacted (chat, e-mail, telephone, etc.)


Web you want the form to be displayed in.


Operators you want to receive the forms.


Rules for the form to appear to those visitors that comply with a certain profile (if you consider it necessary).


Texts for each of the sections of the form.


Mandatory or optional data that must be completed by the visitor who complies with the previously established rules. We can add as many fields as we want.


How the form looks on the web: time it takes to show up and maximize, format, styles, etc.


Settings of the form for its viewing on mobile devices.