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How can I improve the conversion rate of events / actions?

You can increase the conversion rate of the events you create (invitations, coupons, announcements, etc.).
If you show visitors specific events according to their characteristics and the actions they carry out on your website, you will be able to offer them what they are looking for more efficiently. You can make an event appear when the visitor:
  • changes the URL in the same navigation
  • is in a certain URL of your web page
  • comes from a certain country or city
  • comes from a certain web page

Access the event's editing menu and go to the Segmentation / Profiles section.

Click on Activate this event according to the profile of your visitors and then click on the Add button. You can create the profile of a visitor in the screen that has just been opened. You can configure it from the three available tabs:

"Properties" tab

Title: name of internal use that you want to give the profile to locate it when you want to apply it to an event.
Description: explanation of the created profile (optional).
Status: Specify if you want this profile to be Active for use.
Event: select the type of event for which this profile will be available. If you are going to use it in more than one event, select "All events".

"Rules" tab

Define the profile according to certain rules. These rules are always necessary conditions: if you select more than one, visitors must comply with all the rules selected to be included in the profile. Next to each of the rules, you will find a ? symbol with the explanation for each of them.

"Labels" tab

Select the labels you want to apply to the leads that are generated with this profile. You can create new labels using the Add button. This label will appear next to the lead in all the actions that you can carry out with it from Livebeep.