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How is an announcement created?

You can access the control panel of your announcements in OnsiteMarketing > Announcements or by clicking on announcements. To create a new announcement you must click on the + Add button next to the magnifying glass. If you want to edit an existing announcement, you should click on the pencil at the end of the row for each announcement. Remember that to create or edit an announcement you must have an Administrator profile.


The title is for internal use. Here you can select a range of dates for the announcement to show during that period (Status > Active between). We recommend leaving the announcement as Inactive until it is validated by preview.


We select the website where we want the announcement to be displayed.


In this section you can set the visitors the announcement will be shown to. You can select an existing visitor profile or create a new one. You can also link the announcement to one of the internal Livebeep campaigns or create a new one. In both cases, segmentation of visitors can be defined by several rules (browsing time, country of origin, URL, etc.) If you select no segmentation, the announcement will be shown to all visitors.


We can upload a title, a description, a URL and one or more files.


We can customise the texts and buttons that will be displayed in the announcement.


It allows to request data to the visitor through the announcement.

Acknowledgement of receipt

It allows to create an acknowledgement of receipt that the visitor will receive if they fill in the requested data. It will be sent only if the visitor leaves their e-mail address.


It allows to specify the frequency the announcement will be shown to the same visitor with, the amount of pages they will have to visit before it is activated, and the time it will take to be shown. We recommend leaving the default values. You can also select the visual effect to be displayed on the website.


You can customise how the announcement will be displayed on mobile devices.


When saving the changes, a new button will appear: Preview. If you click on it, you will see the announcement you created. To see future changes, remember to save the changes first. We recommend leaving the announcement as Inactive until it is validated by preview.